Student seminar


Nowadays it is hard to not encounter the terminology differential graded (or dg) in algebra or algebraic geometry. By discussing some of the already classical articles (Keller, Drinfel'd, To├źn, Tabuada) we would like to get an overview of some of the motivating reasons for using dg categories, and relate them to triangulated categories.


Remark that May 2 and May 30 the university is closed, and there will not be a seminar on June 6. There is one planned speaker for June 13 or June 20 (more information later), feel free to propose a talk for the other slot.

April 25
Triangulated categories: their pathologies, and Verdier quotients
by Xuan Yu, in G.005, at 10h45
May 9
Introduction to dg categories
Enhanced triangulated categories
by Julia Ramos González and Pieter Belmans, in G.017, at 10h00
May 16
Noncommutative algebraic geometry, dg categories and model structures
Drinfeld's dg quotient: motivation and definitions
by Pieter Belmans and Julia Ramos González, in G.017, at 10h00
May 23
Drinfeld's dg quotient: properties
Comparison with Keller's dg quotient
by Julia Ramos González and Pieter Belmans, in G.017, at 10h00
June 13
Introduction to tilting theory
by Louis de Thanhoffer de Völcsey, in G.017, at 10h00
June 20
Deformation theory of dg categories
by Olivier De Deken, in G.004, at 10h00


In due time I might add these.