Student seminar


This series is intended to be an introduction to the subject. We will be working mostly with Mukai's excellent introduction [2] to the subject, and in some sense the first three weeks could be considered a reading seminar based on this book (although we will cover far from everything). So whenever things are unclear, expositions didn't cover a proof, or you wish to read about related things, consult this book.

Besides this book, there are also Dolgachev's lecture notes [4], which are a down-to-earth introduction to the subject, Tevelev's notes [5], which emphasise the moduli point of view and discuss weighted projective spaces explicitly.

The underlying goal of the seminar is to make Mumford's classic [GIT] a less daunting read, but no-one will be forced to read this wonderful, yet hard-to-crack classic.

After this we will discuss some applications of geometric invariant theory.


February 28
Motivation for geometric invariant theory
Algebraic groups and actions
by Dennis Presotto and Theo Raedschelders, in G.017, at 10h00
March 7
Quotients of affine varieties, and projective quotients
By Kevin De Laet, in G.017, at 10h00
March 14
The Hilbert–Mumford criterion
by Pieter Belmans and Julia Ramos González, in G.017, at 10h00
March 21
no lecture
March 28
Application: McKay correspondence (see [6,7])
by Kevin De Laet, in G.017, at 10h00
April 4
Application: Moduli of quiver representations
by Theo Raedschelders, in G.017, at 10h00


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