Student seminar


Sometimes there are talks which do not fit into a series. This page serves to collect these talks, and their descriptions.

Castelnuovo's contractibility theorem

We will cover some aspects of the birational geometry of surfaces.

Greenlees–May duality

We will give an introduction to the homological algebra of formal schemes, by discussing the Greenlees-May duality over commutative noetherian rings.

For some background, see [1] and [2].


September 25
Castelnuovo's contractibility criterion (notes)
by Dennis Presotto, in G.015, at 10h00
December 4
Greenlees–May duality
By Liran Shaul, in G.015, at 13h00


Alonso Tarrio, Leovigildo and Lopez, Jeremias and Lipman, Joseph
Greenlees–May duality on formal schemes
in Studies in duality on noetherian formal schemes and non-noetherian ordinary schemes
Porta, Marco and Shaul, Liran and Yekutieli, Amnon
On the homology of completion and torsion
Algebra and representation theory, 2014 (17), 31–67