Student seminar


The goal would be to introduce spectral sequences, with a view towards applications. The main references on which the first talk is based are [1] and [3]. A good introductory text, showing that spectral sequences are not that scary is [2].


November 20
Spectral sequences: theory (notes)
by Frederik Caenepeel, in G.015, at 13h00
November 27
Spectral sequences: examples in algebra and algebraic geometry (notes)
Spectral sequences: examples in algebraic topology
by Pieter Belmans and Jens Hemelaer, in G.015, at 13h00


Mac Lane, Saunders
Springer, 1963
Vakil, Ravi
Spectral sequences: friend or foe?
Weibel, Charles
An introduction to homological algebra
Cambridge University Press, 1994, Cambridge studies in advanced mathematics 38, pp. xiv+450